Mårten Gustafson

I envision, build and tweak adaptive software architectures, teams and organisations.

The overarching theme of my career is backend systems, their scalability, availability, adaptability and operability.

Senior Staff Engineer, Spotify
2019-04 - ...
Read more than I write, think more than I code, talk more than I feel comfortable with, growing in ways I didn’t anticipate.

Principal Engineer, Schibsted
2016-11 - 2019-03
Working with the enabling and constraining relationships between organisation, infrastructure and software architecture. Technology governance across 5 units and 300 engineers. Reporting to the CTO, member of the product & technology management team.

Digitizer, Bonnier
2016-07 - 2016-11
Digitization analysis in general and data platform in particular at the Office of the CDO.

VP Engineering, Young / Skilled
2016-01 - 2016-06
Re-architecting Centra.com for cloud compatibility and simplified scalability.

Technical Director, Schibsted
2014-01 - 2016-01
Recruited and directed a distributed team that developed, maintained and operated a cloud based platform for digital publishing and lean editorial workflow. Shaped and tuned a low overhead development process anchored in continuous delivery, relative prioritization and a clear identification of blocking/enabling relationships between major milestones. Responsible for technical strategy, architecture, IT operations and recruitment.

Technical Lead, Schibsted
2012-06 - 2013-12
Digital only, mobile first, aggregating news startup within Schibsted. I led the technical effort from start to end-to-end system in 6 months. First 3 months spent on ramp-up, recruitment, R&D and rapid prototyping in continuous iterations together with UX and editorial process. Apart from the product we developed a work process and supportive tooling to enable a tiny team of journalists to deliver a news experience which rivals much bigger organisations. I designed an architecture that seamlessly went from local development to a horizontally scaled and redundant production system.

Software Engineer, iZettle
2012-02 - 2012-06
Designed zero downtime deployments, worked on IT operational PCI-DSS compliance and PGP routines for integration with acquiring banks.

Infrastructure Architect, Schibsted
2009-06 - 2012-01
Worked primarily with architectural refactorings of service design, operational procedures, infrastructure and related technical strategy. Planned and led zero downtime migration of the live service to a new hosting provider. Designed automated deployments and infrastructure provisioning.

Solutions Architect, Enfo Zystems
2005-10 - 2009-06
Niche consultancy specializing in EAI/SOA with IBM WebSphere products
Worked with clients in Sweden, Finland and Germany to design, implement, operate, and govern mission critical integration platforms for construction, retail, banking and forestry. Delivered trainings and spoke at industry events on integration architecture and methodology. Harvested best practices around governance, implementation and operation of integration platforms.

Software Engineer, Qbranch
2000-12 - 2005-10
Consulted on database design and software development in various languages and diverse runtimes for a plethora of clients. Engaged in projects involving mainframes, middleware, relational databases and directory servers. IT steering committee member and responsible for the firms internal IT for one year during which I implemented and launched a new intranet, improved existing financial reporting dashboards and outlined a strategy for identity and access management.

Software Engineer, Hello ITV
2000-09 - 2000-11
Interactive TV startup where we built and operated web pages using various scripting languages and databases.

Software Engineer, Shift Digital
2000-03 - 2000-09
Digital agency where we built and operated web pages using various scripting languages and databases.

Software Engineer, Euroseek
1999-06 - 2000-02
Search engine startup where I built web pages using various scripting languages and databases and did extensive relational database design work.